This unit comes cut and styled AS PICTURED.
*This unit includes 3 bundles and a 5x5 lace closure.
Texture: Bodywave
Order with or without baby hair 


  • **Pre-Orders can take up to 15-20 business days or to Process.** Right now during Covid there have been shipment delays! I will try my best to get everyone's order out as quickly as possible, but do understand there may be some delays beyond my control. If you are pressed for time or are ordering a unit for a special occasion I would suggest ordering 3 weeks to 1 month in advance.

  • ****Each custom unit comes either hand sewn by me or machine sewn by my vendor depending on the timing, whether I have bundles on hand, or other various reasons. •Hand sewn units by me are USUALLY an additional cost, but with wigs in high demand and shipping delays I may make some if I have no choice. The only difference in the these two types of units is the Cap and of course the stitching. The styles, closure/bundle amounts are still the same and They are both still long lasting.

    ****The styles DO NOT last forever! If you are getting a "styled" unit you will have to keep your style up or style it as you wish! The best way to keep curls is a by flexi rodding your unit at night. If you can not curl or use flexi rods I suggest getting something with no style(curly, wavy, or bone straight) or I do offer drop off maintenance services.